Saturday, November 27, 2010

Stone age Tortoise


I didn’t have my camera with me this morning as I was just doing the same walk as usual, bad mistake there were photos all over the place and I had to use the phone camera, so sorry for the quality of the shots. This is a tortoise carved by stone age man or a subtle ploy to attract tourism to the village by me.



This is another stone age carving this time of an earless lion done by Roibeard OFlathery or another ploy. I wonder if people entering “Stone age” into google will find this blog lol, my readership could shoot up. Also Robert Farty could become a cult hero.







There are hardly any boats left afloat in the river they have either sunk or been pulled ashore. I’d like to get hold of a second hand Orkney long liner before next spring I was hoping prices would be low this time of year but haven’t seen any real bargains yet.IMG_0106

This one reminded me of a tree we used to swing on at primary school when the weather was good enough to get out at lunchtime. I will have to check and see if any petition to keep the Luing primary school open is in existence or any plans for one.


I made Mum up a diary with photos I have taken of this area through a company  called photobox who have an online diary creation page. It was pretty easy to transfer the photos and it has a photo per week for the year.

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