Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Colloseum nears completion.

My French Helper Johnathon has been constructing an outside firepit / barbi and has made a great job. I have nicknamed it the Colosseum as it reminds me of the Roman  Colosseum a
nd I have a Seine de Liesse made of wood already so I am adding to my international repertoire.

The fire pit just needs grouted now and the bricks acid washed to clean them up and I will replace the gravel. I suppose I should wait a week for the cement to cure before lighting a huge fire in it and bunging some snags on.

My garden goes through a green period after the mad colours of Spring there is a bit of a lull until my summer flowers come into bloom, anyway here are some of the plants flowering today.

My Parents are coming over for a visit for a couple of weeks they arrive on Wednesday evening so I am hoping the weather is good for their visit, it hasn't been too bad this month after May was a washout.