Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rose of Tralee

Well I'm watching a show on TV called the Rose of Tralee, I have not a blinkin clue what its about but suspect its like a beauty pagent without any worry about how they look, no wait a min they are going to sing,  theres a kiwi lassie on now ? well it was this or sheep dog trials and actually she sings very well and apparently her great granny was Irish. The girl comes on and is asked questions about her history by an Irish comedian. I googled it and The Rose of Tralee festival is an international competition which is celebrated among Irish communities all over the world. The festival takes its inspiration from a nineteenth century ballad of the same name about a woman called Mary, who because of her beauty was called The Rose of Tralee. Its going  me a while to actually understand what the heck they are talking about but it sounds a bit like he is asking her about a pet goldfish, this one isnt singing she is playing a Bodhran. I wonder if it would be sexist to say I miss the swimsuit section, too bliddy rite, you biggot to be sure.

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