Wednesday, November 4, 2009

spider man, snapping man and other heros.

Wooohoo a new complaint, I'm catching up with Angies brother George who has had every disease/ ailment known to man, I have another wee ailment called "snapping scaptula" what a great name, Snapping scapula is caused by problems in the soft tissues or bones of the scapula and chest wall. It can start when the tissues between the scapula and shoulder blade thicken from inflammation. The inflammation is usually caused by repetitive movements. Certain motions of the shoulder done over and over again, such as the movements of pitching baseballs or hanging wallpaper, can cause the tissues of the joint to become inflamed I blame my defibrulator as it altered my posture ever since it was fitted. I have had the prob for over 3 yrs but the weight of the cast is accentuating it lol.

Getting the outside of the house /office and fences sprayed for spiders today as there have been lots of redbacks around if the bloke arrives with his undies outside his trousers I'm not going to crack any jokes (Joker) oops sorry that was Batman that had it in for the Joker. So many Super Heros. Its the bi annual cleanup this weekend so my one good arm will be put to good use chucking out all my accumulated junk again.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

54 Days 20 Hours 49 Minutes untill Christmas day aghhhhhhhhhhhhhh the supermarkets are full of santa clause salt cellars already, so I went out and got a new TV, any excuse for a new toy I ended up with a panasonic 46inch plasma HD TV and they threw in a blu ray surround sound system for free :) there is a Chineese saying "he who dies with most toys wins" It used to be a Tawianeese saying. So I'm close to the lead.

Talking about time flying, the Internet has turned 40 years old this week, with its beginnings occurring at 9pm on October 29th, 1969. On that day, engineers at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and Stanford Research Institute (SRI) nearly 400 miles away sent data over the first two nodes. Back then, the Internet was known as Arpanet, after the US Department of Defense's Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), which commissioned its creation.

Not much in the way of news here apart fro my elbow hurting, I'm not good with pain and the pain killers (endone) put me to sleep big time.