Thursday, November 4, 2010

Budget bloodbath

FINANCE Minister Brian Lenihan is preparing to unleash a €6bn Budget bloodbath on December 7.

He will unveil the figure today, a day after violence flared on the streets of Dublin over plans to hike college fees.
The €6bn will be one of the biggest cutbacks in a single Budget in the history of the State -- and double the original planned cuts.
It represents a large chunk of the daunting €15bn which has to be slashed by 2014.
20,000 students protested over proposals to increase college registration fees.

A group of activists clashed with gardai in riot gear after they occupied the lobby of the department building. He should pick on the old age penshioners they cant fight back, ohh wait a min, as part of its savage cuts, the Department of Finance is considering withdrawing the over-70s automatic entitlement to free household benefits such as electricity, gas and telephone allowances. Ohh well what comes around goes around ehh if the country hadnt been so stupid in the Glory Tiger days then there wouldnt be such a deficit.

On a lighter note my new boots are still grand and getting a workout in the rain that hasnt let up hardly all week. Good its another week I dont need to wash the car :) Today I must print out some ads for  Robbo's and take them round the local shops and get motivated.

Tonight is beef and mushroom stew with spuds and cabbage good old traditional fare and a hearty feed on a dreich day.

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