Monday, November 22, 2010

Frost and a full moon

Well it was frosty and a full moon this morning in fact it was cold enough to have frozen my garden hose as I tried spraying the car and got nowt. I took a couple of photos but they didn't come out well I should head out with the camera when Angie leaves for work and I'd get some good frost shots this winter. The bird feeder is the most popular place in Oughterard and a few Doves have discovered it so I'm going through half a hundred weight of feed every two hours.

I have to sit down and write some Christmas cards, the Aussie ones will have to go soon, Angie was saying that there was no rush but its nice to get cards prior to Christmas day as they can be part of your decoration. I'm all set to put my decorations up here but ain't allowed yet. I was a wee bit hungover yesterday but took Gus out to the woods regardless, he ended up covered in those seed pods that stick to anything, wait Rob you may have mentioned this yesterday pal. OOPs. He has stopped hiccuping anyway.

I'm home alone till Wednesday night but shall try and resist the urge to have hamburgers and chups both nights.
Above is my latest mosaic offering, this week I have to finish the painting I started with the Corrib fishing boats pulled up on the riverside, it has the potential to be good.

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