Saturday, April 23, 2011

tics? bricks? words ending with s?

I forgot to blog about tic's infact I also didnt mention bricks, the dog has been picking up tics the last few weeks and I found one that had had its fill and fallen off yesterday, he has a very thick coat and its hard to see them in it, not the tic the dog. Anyway he is due his shots so I shall ask the vet if they have anything for tics.

Angie bought a 3 pack of Radox push top hygenic handwash bottles you know the ones that can kill off 99.9 percent of germs and the cat, anyway one is real weird its called "African Savanna" looks the colour of water buffalo pee and smells like cold tea. That reminds me of my most unfavorite advert, its for a handwash bottle that dispenses the goo automatically when it senses your hand, or the cat, below the spout. How stupid is their reasoning, they say that the pushdown part has a lot of germs on it from your hand, hmmm ok  your about to put goo on your hands that kills off 99.9 % of germs whats the problem? I  hate that advert so much that if you are in the room when it comes on I will go into a diatribe over it.

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