Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Paddy and Emma's Wedding

Well we had a great time at Paddy and Emma,s wedding, cost an arm and a leg but was worth it to be my best friends best man.

The wedding was in Ealing Church in the New Forest near Southampton. Really nice area and we had good weather.

It was not a huge wedding guest numbers wise as most of their friends are Aussies and also Paddies family are down under, but Emma,s Dad went the whole hog with the day and it was perfect.

The photos here are ones I took so they are candid shots rather than professionally staged ones.



I haven't a clue what he just said there or what the girls were commenting on in the below shot

Paddy asked me to be his best man (scary ) which was an honour.

Emma,s Brother, Sam was a grooms man and his wee boy also had the top hat and tails.

 Grace and Elizabeth did a great job as flower girls, I like this shot of my God Daughter a lot.

Her wee sister was intrigued by a magician at the reception 

Emma, her Dad and the flower girls arrived by horse drawn cart

Paddies Sister Nicky and Emma s best pal Sophie came from Australia and I like this casual shot of Nicky taking a "selfy" with Sophie looking on.

Paddies Mum also made the long trip from Australia and she was one of only a few people I knew and had to stand up in front of and give a speech. 

This was my Best Man's effort at a speech and I tried to not look at my notes while doing it so actually missed out wee bits and changed others.

" Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen girls and boy.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Robert and I,m an old pal of Paddy and Emma's from Australia,
Actually this gets a bit confusing as I'm not actually from Australia now, I'm from Ireland and as you can probably tell from my accent I'm actually from Scotland. So if you forget my name, you MIGHT remember, the Aussie bloke with the Scottish accent who lives in Ireland. Or then again you might find it easier to remember my name.

When Paddy asked me if I would be his Best man a few months ago I said I couldn't because the Best man has all these tasks like organizing suits and transport and the Stag party and it would be really difficult doing that from a different country.
Paddy's reaction was “Sheell be right Mate, Mike will do all that” I ended up saying yes, so I really have to thank Mike, Lin and Dereck, Lolitha and Sam for all the things I should have organized. All I had to do was not lose the Ring and stay sober enough to do a wee speech. This is the wee Speech part.

Show mass of paper sheets.

Don't worry I only wrote a sentence on each page and made the text big so I can see it.

I think everyone will agree Emma looks gorgeous.
I hadnt seen Emma, Paddy or the girls for the last five years and Emma has been teaching Zumba dance and working out and dying her hair and all sorts so I hardly recognised her.

Mind You the biggest changes are with my God daughter Grace, and her wee sister Elizabeth who have grown up into proper young ladies and they did a wonderful job as flower girls today.

For those of you who know Paddy you will know he is an avid fisherman, infact he is so keen on fishing he came to Ireland to fish instead of helping with the wedding arrangements.
We had fine Irish weather while he was over, it was soft rain and only blowing force six for most of the time. It was also a bit chilly at times and when it came out in conversation, in a bar, about the seven layers of clothes Paddy had on he was asked if he was actually a cabbage, this remark made me spill my beer and partially choke.

We did catch some fish but the real catch Paddy can happily boast about is his beautiful bride.

I learnt some new things about Paddy when he was visiting I didn't know he was allergic to dish washing, probably because we had a dishwasher in Sydney. He has also got over the habit he used to have of borrowing my lawnmower, this visit he didn't ask once if he could try it out.

As well as being best man today I am also Graces God Father,

When Paddy and Emma asked me if I would be The God Father I had to look on the internet and Google it to find out my responsibilities, after five minutes research, signing up for an Italian course, and practising how to say “forgetaboutit” convincingly, said yes,
It wasn't until after I had changed my name to Corleoni that I discovered Google isn't always the best way to educate yourself.

So I didn't bother Googling best man, and I just hope I don't miss anyone out, with the thank you and
email wishes and any other things I should mention. 
I would like to thank everyone who has made the day such a sucsess including Mike for all his hard work and Lolitha for everything she has done to make the reception so nice, Lin and Dereck who did all the arrangments at the church and ceremony.

The bridesmaids, Nicky and Sophie, and the flower girls Grace and Elizabeth.

I couldn't make the Stag day but would like it known that I did return the groom without alcohol poisoning prior to it, the guys played golf and Paddy didn't win the round but he certainly scored a hole in one when he didn't fluff the words “I do” earlier on.

The venue for both the wedding and reception have been lovely and the weather was kind to us as well. One of my favourite parts of a wedding is what we call in Australia the grog so this is the good part,

Ladies and Gentlemen lets all raise our glasses to the Bride and Groom, may they enjoy a long and happy life together. Slante bha Mr and Mrs Watts.

Well that was my wee speech but before I finish I would like to share a wee text conversation I had with the bride yesterday evening.

I texted her "what a wonderful hotel Emma good choice"
Emma : Yeah its gorgeous
Me: I could quite happily move into this bed full time
Emma : haha ( I think she was getting bored texting at this point)
Me: I'll be lucky if I wake up in time for the wedding maybe just see you at the reception
Emma: No way my brother is coming to pick you up at 1000
Me: He will have to wake me
Emma: My Dad will knock you up
Me: No way Emma a pregnancy this late in life as well as being a medical wonder would also do me in.

Well that was my wee speech I hope you all enjoy the rest of the evening.

It was short and sweet but got some good laughs.

Not all the shots below will make the wedding CD but here are some more I took on the day

Angie was left to look after my top hat at various clicking opportunities and I got one pic of her wearing it.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Paddies visit and some flowering shrubs in the garden

Well I had Paddy across from Australia for seven days before his wedding this next weekend where I shall have to not lose his rings and stand up and do a wee speech. Was good fun with him, fishing every day in all sorts of weather. He had one lovely day on which I  got sunburnt and a morning with sleet showers and it blew for most of the time. We managed one trip out on the yacht and I got a nice cod and we landed some biggish  pollack, no mackerel yet.
Had a trip over to Inisheer, the smallest of the Aran Islands and a lot of the photos are from there.

Paddy left for Southampton yesterday arvo and I don't know if he made it there but probably has.

Took the camera round the garden this morning which is going rampant due to no gardening this last week, bracken and brambles popping up all over and the grass growing like mad, anyway I,m not bothered until I get back from the wedding and then I'll get back into it. I have Alan and John here from tomorrow evening and they stay until we get back from England on the 26th. Then I have a Portuguese helper for a couple of weeks stay.

As you can see all my roddies and azelias are eith in bloom or about to erupt, my veggies are also going good with the spuds growing in tyres turning out to be a good idea.