Sunday, July 31, 2011

Buying is such a quandry

I hate renting a home, blinkin landlords and their agents checking you arent wrecking their property. Last night after a few drams we had decided enough is enough we will buy a house we saw in Cregg and if house prices continue to go down well such is life and if we get the place at a good price it could offset any loss. This morning however after doing more research on the state of play Irish consumption is dead and household investment has collapsed. The demise will persist for a long time as the state continues to drain savings and income through taxation and services inflation. Domestic businesses are starved of operating capital, and are in no position to invest as their state and private households customer base is shrinking. Not surprisingly, eight companies per day were going out of business in the first quarter of 2011.The latest data from on asking rents and prices clearly shows that there is some room for continued significant losses in residential real estate. Across all geographies covered in today's report, asking prices continued to fall and these falls are accelerating once again. Nationwide, asking prices are down 5% in three months through June 2011 - the steepest quarterly decline in 18 months. Buying doesnt make sense unless one is inebriated lol.

I woke up this morning with a sore back and it lasted all day, we went for a wee sail and landed on an island beach, the yacht is great for anchoring and tieing up to a tree off the stern and with the walk through stern you can step off into knee deep water. Jessy has really taken to sailing and is happy as Larry on the boat, Gus has to be tied up due to his brain size.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Finland Rusland launch and maiden voyage

We built launched and sailed the Finland Rusland today on Loch Corrib, it was a success as she floated, albeit a bit low in the water, unfortunately her name stickers came off.

I got a call to say my boat trailer was ready for collection, 500 euros sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze they know how to charge. Apparently the brakes had to be sent away to be relined and when they came back they had to be changed or something, and the bearings shattered on extraction (a bit like my voice when he said 500)

Sacha's Mom and Dad come back from Ibiza tomorrow and Sheana will come across to pick him up on Sunday I think the two of them leave on Wednesday it will be quiet here after he goes, my wee sis had 5 bairns and her youngest is still only nearly 5, I think secretly she may be a sadist putting herself through 5 but don't say anything and for goodness sake don't put it on the Internet Robert, oops too late.

My iphone has various new applications on it namely Tap zoo (wakes me up at 0235 to tell me the lion has mated)  Pet hotel which seems to take an eternity to load and uses battery like it was going out of fashion , Tiny tower and Stickbo (shootemup or stick them with a large knife ) I had top buy a new car charger for it as I was leaving Sacha in the car if I was at a job and it kept going flat.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rabbit Island

Sacha and I had a wee sail out to Rabbit island with the dogs but we didn't land as there was livestock on it, so we selected another island called Devenish and landed there, we discovered a couple of horses that promptly Jessy chased they then turned round and chased Jessy who hid behind us. So we had two horses chasing us and we abandoned Devinish and have renamed it Devilish Island.

We saw a boat surveying the loch and he tied up close to us at Oughterard pier, the man produces a navigational chart for the loch and I have subscribed to it so it was nice to meet the person responsible. I use Garmin Mapsource to view the chart and then printscreen to print myself out portions of it. I'm teaching Sacha how to tie knots today is the good old Bowline or Rabbit, Tree Hole knot, everyone should know how to tie it.

My trailer is still in the garage getting new bearings and brakes when it comes out I shall take the boat down to Rossaveal and maybe across to Kinvara as Angie has a workmate with a yacht down there and we could borrow a mooring. They just called and said it will be Friday now before they get the brakes back.Being Ireland that could well be Friday 29th September 2016.

home made pizza

Angie and Sacha made home made pizza and fresh fruit salad last night, the pizzas were made from scratch ie the base as well and had everything from prawns and anchovies green and red capsicum onion tom paste, toms, pastrami, motzarella, chedar, ham, and Basil.

Today Di and Gert headed off after breakfast and Sach and I went into town to pick up some spare parts, we went fishing when we got back and then made a cake so its been busy again, they have a huge amount of energy at 11 ehh.

Monday, July 25, 2011

More photos

Well having a pro photographer staying is certainly getting my own creative juices flowing here are some of my shots today,

It was very humid walking the dogs earlier and when the sun pops her head out its warm to say the least. We went to a Fun Day at the Clann resource center

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fishing Belgian style

We went fishing today which was a blast, Gert nearly got hauled into the water by his fish he then tried lumberjacking using a rod and hook rather than chainsaw, after demolishing three trees we were chased off by a conservation department official. We then tried fishing from the boat where he harvested half the weed in Loch Corrib.

My fish required all four of us to pull to the bank and small trees were uprooted as it thrashed around

I hate my picture taken as I am heaps overweight and have about as much hair as Friar Tuck infact I'm thinking of Holy orders, but if anyone can take my pic its my pal Di, she also is camera shy and didnt want me to post one of her on here but I whinged and whined and played up untill she said ok I could.

I loved the shot Di took of Jessy and gus today

I had a shot of her Canon Eos 5D mark 2 and 70 to 200 lens :) and got a nice pic of Sacha

And Di took some great ones yesterday

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Well we had a great walk up to Mamean the 12 Bens of Connemara stood high and handsome behind us across the Inagh Valley, Bencorr in front, with Beanna Beola and Benbaun peeping over her shoulders. Ahead, the slopes of Binn Mhór and Binn Mhairg cradled the rising path, their quartzite rock glinting dully as cloud shadows brushed through, now gleaming dazzlingly as sunlight struck across. Yawn oops sorry I felt vaugly poetic there for a second. Up at the pass stood a tiny chapel, an altar and the cave-like recess called St Patrick's Bed. A statue of the saint brooded over the path, a sheep at his heels. Had the good shepherd Patrick once walked these slopes, blessed the holy well nearby and slept in the cave? Many down the centuries thought and felt that he had, and they forged a pilgrim path to the pass, with its breathtaking views over the Inagh and Maam valleys.

My long time pal Di took some awesome shots today and we are all jiggered after all our walking.

At one point we stopped the car to take a few pics of a donkey and a horse that were in a field beside the road, they promptly trotted over and tried to get into the front seat of the car.

I really like these two shots of Jessy too as I find her hard to photo

Was  good day

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Airfix models

I have my young nephew Sacha visiting and we have been making an air fix model of a battlefield with tanks on it up from a kit, the kit has too much happening so we have decided to make a papermache landscape as well to use some of the soldiers etc. Its good for when the weather is inclement and for patience waiting for glue to dry.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


There were 3 boats at the Inchagoill peir when I dropped Sheana and Sacha off and went back to pick up Angie who took a half day off to come camping with us. We decided to moor stern up to the shore at a wee sheltered bay we found the day before instead of shareing the wharf. It worked out well and we had a wee fire going and the tent up in good time. I dislocated my ancle :( while we were out walking, first time in over a year so I shall have to be carefull with it for the next while. The boat has next to no draught when the ballast is out so you could step off her stern into foot deep water.
Gus woke me up in the middle  of the night and I put him ashore he promptly went for a swim then woke everyone up barking, he was tied to a tree and seemed to settle down for about an hour before waking us up again, so everyone is tired today.

The weather has turned poor and the forecast isn't good for the next few days.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Great day out on the boat

Well we were out for about 7 hours today on the yacht, took the dogs on her for the first time and they had a great time swimming and running around on the three islands we landed on. Sheana had a swim today too and Sacha and I are turning into seals. It was warm and sunny for a lot of the day and we didnt even notice it clouding over as it was flat calm and not at all cold. I wish my pal Lynne and her friend had managed to visit this year as she would have loved to come out in the boat too I recon.

I guess someone is sleepy lol he fell asleep on the floor next to Jessy's bed.

I'm making up a list to take out tommorow as we will camp out on Inchagoill Island overnight.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

No fish today

Well we went out in the boat for a while today but no fish to be found so we will have Italian meatballs instead. Sacha managed another swim or deep paddle anyway and Sheena and I got our large toes wet.