Monday, November 22, 2010

scotland rugby revival

Well Scotland redeemed themselves by beating South Africa at Murrayfield just a week after a woeful game against New Zealand. Ireland lost to New Zealand but put up a decent effort for most of the game. Australia got hammered by England who played the best I have seen them play. So its been a higelty pigelty couple of weeks in rugby and this weekend coming has Australia vs France, Scotland vs Samoa, Wales vs New Zealand and Italy vs Fiji and on Sunday Ireland vs Argentina. I think I may find somethinjg to watch out of that lot. Sheena and Sacha will arrive on Saturday and we aim to make Holly wreaths as there is lots of the stuff around the place.

Jessy arrives in Heathrow on the 9th December at 0525 so I am planning the best way to get her back here, at the moment it looks like going from Galway at 1600 on Tuesday 7th to Dublin and catching a night ferry across to Liverpool 2130 - 0530, driving down to London and staying with Aunty M on Wednesday night then picking up the dog about 1000 on Thursday and driving to Hollyhead , stay the night in a dog friendly b and b then catching the ferry at 1200 Friday to Dublin and geting home about 1800.

Gus got covered in those burr seed pods so I've had to crop his tail to get them out and he was sort of hiccupping as he must have been swallowing them trying to clear them himself. Unfortunatelly I'm as good at dog grooming as I am at Latin so he has lost some of his good looks, around his tail anyway. What can you do ehh.

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