Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Falls of Faugh

Well Oughterards version of the Niagra Falls are the Falls of Faugh, the word Falls is about all the two have in common apart from containing water thats the other thing to be sure. Anyway I took a couple of photos of them as theres a couple of wee storys go along with them.

There was a Dr Bushe (Dr of Law) who owned the fishing rights at the waterfall, his Mrs tried to charge locals and tourists to view the waterfall, but there was an uproar and a petition to establish a pathway as a public right of way that went through. The right of way is between two walls hence the photo below with the tree between two walls.

The cave in the photo below is at the falls and it was built for old Mr Gascoigne who lived across from the waterfall, he was unable to walk so they used to carry him across a plank to the cave where he was left to fish the salmon pool infront of him.

I'm looking forward to a visit from my parents this weekend coming and hope the weather is good, its been a pretty dreich week here. I'm also cat sitting as my neighbour is off to Aberdeen on a couple of courses. I shall have to take a couple of pics of Tigger who is a huge Aussie cat. Ohh and Ireland vs South Africa at rugger :) should be a good one.

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