Friday, July 30, 2010


My neice Cara has the nicest smile I have seen, her whole face smiles and its hard not to smile with her. She will break many hearts I recon.

My namesake Robbie is a cheeky wee monkey so not unlike me in that respect. Its great to see them and all my other family. I managed to fix Alexanders vista laptop today too so the pc repair part of my holidays has been a big success lol.

The youngest addition to the family is Shuna the pup she also has cute looks.

Had a barbi last night as it was a nice day and we went fishing till dark and caught 2 large laithe and a saithe and a mackerel. Was fun and the boys seemed chuffed. Having been away so long I have missed doing stuff with my kin and I hope to get here a lot as Ireland is close really.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Island life

Looking after a wee doggie today for my sister, shes a cross spaniel and a retreiver and a nice pup (4 months old). We went out for a walk earlier and it rained lol got back to the house dried my hair and the sun came out again. The dog is called Shuna after an island close to my parents, Shuna is approximately 3 miles long, and one and a half miles wide, covering an area of over 1000 acres. The island is 20 miles south of Oban, between the mainland and its larger neighbour of Luing. The short boat trip from the mainland takes around twenty minutes.

Its really restfull staying with my oldies and I have been fixing their computer woes etc up since I came. Dad had a win xp computer with bad sectors and a corrupted operating system which is fixed up and they had a wireless router delivered so I setup a wireless network in their home and put BT Vision box on their TV and fixed the multistacker cd player in the car.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Richmond park Henry's mound

The rugby players are at Twickenham Rugby ground and the stitched photo I did above is part of the view from Henrys mound in Richmond Park its a 955 hectares urban park within London. Almost three times as large as New York City's Central Park, it is Britain's largest urban walled park, and the largest of the Royal Parks in London. It is close to Richmond, Ham, Kingston upon Thames, Wimbledon, Roehampton and East Sheen. The park is famous for its red and fallow deer, which number over six hundred and are very tame.During King Edward's (1272–1307) reign the area was known as the Manor of Sheen. The name was changed to Richmond during Henry VII's reign. In 1625 Charles I brought his court to Richmond Palace to escape the plague in London and turned it into a park for red and fallow deer. His decision, in 1637, to enclose the land was not popular with the local residents, but he did allow pedestrians the right of way. To this day the walls remain, although they have been partially rebuilt and reinforced, and Richmond remains the smallest National Park in the UK.  We had lunch there today.

Tomorrow I head for bonny Scotland and the wild and wooly west.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Turbulent flight

Well I made it  :), actually i dont think / cant find any instance of a modern jet airliner crashing due to turbulence but sheeeze its uncomfortable. The whole flight wasnt great, we were an hour late taking off, after boarding they found a prob with navigation instruments so we sat on the runway with no aircon which wasnt real nice for a start, the inflight movies/ entertainment played up so it was offline for a fair while then we hit bad turbulence which had a few people crying out for their respective saviors and others praying to GAWD in a sickbag, the girl next to me didnt bother just puked all over the back of the seat. Food service was suspended for so long it wasnt worth putting it out so they issued sandwiches instead of one meal.

Anyway I'm safe and sound in London till Monday when  I shall fly to Glasgow and see my Mommy and the Old man I wish I was taking the train lol, anyway I hope my horrid flight will dissapear with my memory soon.One thing is for sure I shall ask for extra sick bags if it looks atall bumpy or the person next to me is even looking greenish.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

one more sleep

Well I have one more sleep in 33 Dampier Street and then I'm off. Staying with Paddy on Monday night then Lane Cove, Wednesday and Thursday and flying out on Friday for Singapore and London. It was a bonny day today again and I shall miss the dry weather but I'm keen to be away now, it has dragged on this last while since selling the house, I havent worked for a month and a half and am bored.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Charity the Bear

I'm never sure how many people read my blog but I 'm doing a wee charity thingie with a bear and  thought I'd explain it in here and maybe you all will get involved, the plan is to send Charity the bear all over the world taking her photo in the various places she gets sent, after a year of traveling she should be the worlds most traveled bear and she will be auctioned with the proceeds going to charity. The website will have photos from all her stops around the world and the best photo will win a prize, the winner will be selected by an email poll and the prize will be a blue nick on paltalk (chat program subscription) or the equivelant cash (approx $40)

To get involved send me your name and address to and your name is put in a hat, when the bear reaches her next destination a name is pulled out as the next place to go, if its you, when the bear arrives you take her photo at a local landmark send the photo to me on the hotmail addy and then i'll tell you where to send the bear. I add your photo to the gallery of photos on the website and so on.

You can suggest a charity to recieve from the bear proceeds on the website and there will be a bearometer clocking up the approximate miles she travels. I hope the bear will be a huge hit and make a fortune for charity but even if she doesnt we should see some nice photos from around the world and someone will end up with a cuddly toy and a subscription to paltalk or some cash.