Monday, November 8, 2010

boat owners

Its been wet here, doesnt bother me as I have waterproof boots and Gus well hes just waterproof full stop anyway it was dissapointing to see the boats along the river here all full of water and bashed into each other, I'd love a wee boat and it bugs me when I see ones that arent looked after.

Some folks have too much money I guess, ohh that ones sunk I'll just buy another syndrome.

Signs you are being stalked by a leprechaun
You don't recall owning an anatomically correct lawn gnome.
 Every time you turn around the pitter-pattering stops and that green fire hydrant seems to have gotten a little closer
When you come home from work, the potatoes are missing from the cupboard and your parrot is singing "Danny Boy."
Those tiny green hairs on your toilet seat.

An Englishman, a Scott, and a Irishman walked into a pub.

Each orderd a pint of beer. Then a fly landed in each one's beer.
The Englishman, turning slightly green, pushed his beer away and asked for another one.
The Scott took the fly out, shrugged, and drank his beer.
The Irisman pinched the fly between his fingers and yelled

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