Saturday, November 20, 2010

disaster strikes

Major disaster stuck today when Gus's last ball was lost over a wall, we started out with 5 tennis balls and the last one had survived, well it must have survived a good 20 miles worth of hedge rows, lochs, long grass and forest walks. Unfortunately today saw its loss. The plan is to buy another 5 as the replacement one doesnt float, its solid rubber and I though wow this will go for miles, but seeing Gus is half seal and it doesnt float its a recipie for disaster, thankfully I did the float test  in the kitchen sink before heading out with it.

Today is the first Real Estate Inspection to make sure I'm not trashing the house, I hate the fact that they dont trust you and this mob want to come every 2 months, I'd much rather be in the owners rather than renters club but buying here with the present climate has as much appeal as sliding down a razor blade usings heels as brakes, I was going to say something else but this is a G rated blog, apart from when I start waffling on about Berlusconi that is. Silvio Berlusconi dismissed calls Tuesday to resign over his involvement with an underage Moroccan runaway — and even created a new uproar by claiming it was better to love beautiful girls than gays.

I'm thinking of renting bikes out here next season as there is no one doing it and a big potential market. Its quite flat around here and lots of the local attractions are just a wee bit far to walk to but would be well within riding distance. I phoned up Aviva to ask about insurance cover but they havent called back yet, lolololol, This is Ireland !!! you should have enquired last year if you need cover next Summer to be sure. I could give out instructions to get to the local points of interest, "take a right at the cow" "what you need more info?, its a brown cow to be sure"

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