Tuesday, November 30, 2010

First job

Well I have my first job tomorrow at 1400 I feel all nervous lol. I had a lot of trouble understanding what the heck the guy who booked me was saying but I think he has two computers a pc and a laptop and they are connected wifi to a modem. The PC started this morning but now has no lights showing and no display, the monitor displays “no signal” which means its ok so its probably an unplugged computer or a dicky power supply. Ohh and the computer is Swedish and operating system is in Swedish, normally I would have talked him through checking cables and how to change the language over the phone but I’m desperate for some income.

Its freezing here hasn’t got above 0 Degrees today, mind you I had a look on the internet to see what weather Inverness was getting and they have minus twelve with a high of minus 4 and the A9 North is closed due to snow. We are meant to have really cold weather all week and I hope its not bad next week as I have to drive to London to pick Jessy up.

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