Thursday, November 18, 2010

empty house

Well my parents are away back home, dropped them at Galway bus station at half ten and they bus it to Dublin and fly to Glasgow this afternoon, its too late for them to get to the Island and catch the ferry so I booked them in a hotel in Glasgow tonight and they take the bus up to Oban tommorow morning. It was grand seeing them and showing them around Connemara and I cant wait till the next time now. The next visitors are Sheena and Sacha coming to inspect that their doggy is happy lol thats in 10 days time.

The day started out bright and sunny but true to the forecast a front has come through and its raining and blowing this afternoon, we were really lucky with the weather this last week.

The European Council has as President a Herman Van Rompypompy, or summat, and he is warning the European Union could collapse unless the debt crisis that is gripping the region is resolved.

With Ireland and Portugal both on the brink of a bailout, Mr Van Rompypompy or summat, warned that there is a serious risk of contagion spreading across the entire continent. Ireland's Prime Minister, Brian Cowen, said the country was confident it could cope with its problems and criticised ''inaccurate'' speculation and the Finance Minister of Portugal, Fernando Teixeira dos Santos, said his country was at risk, as ''we are not facing a national or country problem - it is the problems of Greece, Portugal and Ireland''. Does thast make sense? Greece. Portugal and Ireland are countries and your the finance Minister of Portugal. Ohh well seems to me that theres Scaremongering, a bit of head in the sand and an inability to speak the Engrish lingage priperly.

The Catholic church-backed National Conference for the Family began in Milan yesterday – with one noticeable absence. Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who had been due to open proceedings, was bumped from the schedule by officials who realised it would be like having Attila the Hun introducing a peace conference. Karima el- Mahroug – the 17-year-old belly dancer is to become the Italian Trade Minister and showgirl Nadia Macri may get the International Trade Portfolio due to her ability to sneak dope onto jets and get away with smoking up on said jet.

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