Monday, November 29, 2010

Cold snap

Well we have had a cold weekend here but no whining as it was dry and sunny. Went for a decent walk yesterday and collected holly and sticks for bows and arrows. I noticed when we have been walking in the woods lately how many nice straight sticks there are around but the woods had a mountain bike event on this weekend so we went to a different place for our walk. I showed Sacha how to make a bow and arrows and he also made a mosaic cat, I think I have competition.











It was sub zero but Gus had his swim regardless.







I went and had a look at this boat on Saturday before we picked Sheena up, I am looking for a trailer boat that I can use in the shallow waters of the loch to go exploring I’d have loved a yacht that a night or two could be spent on. 1st option was a Loch Corrib fishing boat which is an open 19ft dingy they are a good size for the chop on the loch and most have a 6 or 8 hp engine and are fiberglass clinker effect. A good one is about 4k.

imagesCAP69A19Anyway I saw this boat, She's 26ft trailer boat with 6 ft. standing room inside. Now George will hate this boat as she is also a speedboat, lose the water ballast lift the centerboard and rudders and she does >20 knts under power. The boat is flat bottomed so can be beached and the mast is really easily lowered / raised. Also because she is light she trailers better than any other boat in her size range. There's loads of accommodation and an enclosed head. Good sails including a self furling headsail and a 50 hp Tohatsu outboard. I don’t want a sailboat I have to leave moored down at the coast as I’d be worried about her in blows and I probably wouldn’t get a lot of use from her but if this one is in my yard look out Loch Corrib and the Aran Isles and maybe even a drive to Port Rush and a quick hop across to Islay and up the sound of Jura.



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