Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Pics from the garden

Top evening here calm and sun just setting at 2045 got a few snaps on my walk around the place this evening, nice to see bluebells and the grape hyacinth blooming.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Well I have a bit of work on and quite a lot of prospective customers, whether they all pan out or not is in the hands of him above but hey things are looking up. Two new ones I'm working on are on my server at  and 

The CLPrint website is also going to be in Irish I am just waiting for the translation to be done then I will make the site responsive so it shows good on all devices and publish it. CLPrint have asked me if I would be interested in working alongside them so that is exciting too as the have a big customer list having been around for over 30 years.

I also gave my own website a tweak the portfolio section of it anyway by including some effects like mouseover reveals text about the website and also reveal animation so the picture will reveal itself from the left or right margin. Not sure if I have overdone the animation but I wanted to practice the effect and why not on my own website ehh. You can check out the effects at

Today is a bit colder than it has been, typical as I put out some seedlings yesterday, but it is sunny between the showers. I also power washed the yacht yesterday its so handy having her in the Marina with power and water on tap, I'm spoilt.  Caught 40 pollack on Sunday when I went out with a pal fishing and we gave them away in the pub when we got back.