Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Linux, lost photos

I had an laptop, that did not run properly it was overheating and I thought the battery was jiggered as I was getting the blue screen of death with it in, the sound didn't work and there were lots of other problems. Anyway I installed  Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS as an operating system and wow its like new.

Ubuntu, is a Linux based operating system so it takes the place of Windows, it's free and so far all my hardware works on it fine, also some of the open source software is as good as or better than Windows software.
I still have a Windows computer for Photoshop and my website design software but there was another even older desktop doing nothing so I formatted it and put Ubuntu on it too, software like Stremio (for watching streaming content like movies and box sets) works great  even though on the same machine running Windows 7 it was clunky.

The main reason I got onto this blog topic is that when I installed Ubuntu I deleted Windows and formatted the computers and I lost some photos I should have backed up to another device before proceeding. I saw a post on Facebook from my sister in Law in Sydney with her 14 year old dog Molly and thought it would be nice to post some pics I took of her dog when it was young and used to stay with us in Kurnell, when they were away, anyway those photos were some that had been deleted.
I thought maybe there would have been a blog post online with the pictures that I could resave to my laptop as I used to blog a lot, but unfortunately there aren't.