Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Local business committee

Well I got home at 12pm last night from the local business committee meeting, it was very interesting and I met a load of small business owners and passed out a heap of cards. There is no one in the village doing computer repairs and the fact that I can do websites too may be a draw card.

They had employed a lady to do a business marketing campaign plan and that was the first part of the evening, it wasn't impressive, in fact the PowerPoint presentation was a bit like a "what not to do in a presentation to keep your audience focused" she stumbled and waffled her way through it just reading the slides? and yes it contained the Hype terms,  you know the ones like SWOT( strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats), core competency, SEO (to describe anything on the internet) gawd I cant stand them, we had an ex royal navy bloke come in to put procedures in place for a tug company I worked for and honestly his jargon was like gobblydegook. Anyway I got roped into joining the committee and at one point I could have been chairman I had to decline that request due to my only having lived in the community a matter of hours. Anyway it will be good for my business to be a local business committee member.

Ok now to the serious stuff  I'll loop you in on the sustainability of the purple cow that is organic growth of the medium. In terms of herding cats I need to get flat with you its about being data driven and crossing the chasm. We'll make sure to revisit this to be sure to be sure.

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