Friday, April 1, 2011

strong wind, hot wind and smelly cats

Well we have had a couple of days of strong winds they saw a lot of trees down in the woods I walk in and also a ship called the  Pantanal ran aground off the Co Galway coast yesterday she has since been refloated at this mornings high tide. The 7000 ton ship was here to transport two small ferries which were sold to a buyer in Mauritius. The captain was told not to anchor where he did by the harbourmaster due to the severe wind warnings but he went ahead and provided Ireland with the first sighting of a German goose this season.

Mary is visiting Oughterard :) I got all excited thinking it was Mary Byrne but its not its the Irish President Mary McAleese she will begin her trip by visiting the Clann Family Resource Centre and the Community Centre in Oughterard at 11am. I was wondering why all the school kids at Rosscahill were cheering and waving flags at me untill I realised I was leading a procession of pollies into Connemara.

I'm 24 hours into my 9 day cat minding stretch and already there has been one wee accident that missed the kitty litter tray, yukkkkkkkk. Thank Gawd my pal Mark doesn't have horses is all I can say.

Angie is back in Ireland tonight after her 5 days in the UK, I think she is off again next week to the UK and then Norway the week after.

I revamped the glengowla mines website and put that online yesterday its at I didnt choose the colours or the old brochure on the left hand side they were the choice of the owner but in this case the owner is always right lol. I had put together a sophisticated looking page but they didn't like it lol so we went with the blue. I have another two on the go Clann resource center and Killanin dog kennels.

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