Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Well its another bonny day here, pretty soon the garden will need watering at this rate, I have to buy a hose and petrol can at some point, theres a lawnmower left here and I have to look after the gardens, John, Angies brother could be coming for a visit this weekend hes a professional gardener but the forecast looks dreich. He may end up staying with us for a while.

I got a dvd player yesterday and joined the local video library as the TV still isnt on, Ireland is great but sheeeze its slower than a wet weekend in Stornoway when it comes to buerocracy I have to wait till the phone is turned off before I can get it reconnected and tv put on, you would think that could be done pretty much instantaniously but nope lol day 3 and the tel is still connected. I want to get broadband on but they need a tel number to check availability as this address doesnt exist on their database, no postcodes here doesnt help lol. The car insurance folks AVIVA wont respond to my phone calls but apparently you have a months grace to get the insurance done ? weird but hey its Ireland. Next thing I need to do is sort out insurance for the Subaru and plates gawd knows how long that will take.

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