Monday, August 30, 2010


Well if the weather was like this last week, all the time I dont think the Irish would have emigrated at all regardless of how many potatoes there weren't, to be sure. Its been bonny. I met two of my neighbours this morning and they seem nice, Angie has the car today so I'm on foot, I got the number for a bloke who rents out bikes but he hasnt rung me back, it would have been handy having one this next wee while untill mine arrives from Sydney. I'm on a health kick (again lol) they had a special offer on at the Oughterard agricultural show, yesterday, for the gym so I joined, also been copying my sister in law and cutting out a lot of carbs. The show was good mostly horses and farm stock but they did have a wee dog show with obedience on display, watch out Gus !! it was a clear sunny day and today is the same.

I'm going to have a bash at mosaic making as a hobby / sideline, there was a girl selling mirrors in Galway at a market that I thought were awesome and I think I'll give it a go myself, small outside tables with mosaic tops and the like.

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