Wednesday, September 29, 2010

views and addiction

That's the view from the "top road" of Loch Corrib, or part thereof. Its another nice day so I thought I would nip up and take a panorama shot. The one  below is the Oughterard Pier

My next door ,Owen sems to be addicted to his power washer, maybe he is just cleaning everything prior to the onset of winter I'm not sure, but hes out there from dawn to dusk power washing. He has a cute wee English cocker Spaniel called Maggot who is ultra affectionate and comes running every time she sees me, I miss Jessy and hope she has been ok in the kennel in Australia, its only eight weeks till she arrives but saying that my furniture was only in transit for 6 weeks and that felt like years.

I had to put my car rego inspection back till Friday as the tax exemption letter hasnt arrived in the post yet, this is Ireland and the letter may have been sent to Mr Thairp Old Town Appartments or Abainne Rhubhe or maybe they arent bothering till new year. Did I mention there are no post codes here ?

Ohh before I forget, I've found out one of the things wrong with having a huge house, if you lose something the search area is huge, it takes a hugh amount of time to find the object, you are hughly knackered walking up and down stairs looking and I suppose hughly relieved when you find it, today I had lost my wallet, tomorrow, who knows, but at this rate either my memory will improve or I shall be up for the Oughterard Triathalon next spring.

I got my second PC up and running again too :)

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