Thursday, September 16, 2010

sun is out wee birds singing and

Well the sun is out and its a bonny day, all the wee birdies are singing away and crapping all over my decking, oops maybe could have put that more delicately Rob, ochh well its written now. The good thing about blogging is you can always use the backspace key if you think you have gone over the score with your last scentence and delete things for posterity. I think I may have situated my birdfeeder in the wrong spot as its more popular than Marks and Spencers and I'm thinking of selling Guano part time until the seaguls discover the feeder, then maybe fulltime, the feeder is mounted on the side of my decking. Prospective customers could be gardeners and hunters as Guano manure is an effective fertilizer and gunpowder ingredient due to its high levels of phosphorus  and nitrogen and also its lack of odor. The Guana Cormorant has historically been the most important producer of guano; its guano is richer in nitrogen than guano from other seabirds. Other important guano producing species off the coast of Peru are the Peruvian Pelican and the Peruvian Booby. Thank gawd there are no pelicans here. Yet.

I have been erecting a fence to make the yard dog escape proof, right, I'm as good at fencing as I'd be at Elephant training, I was going to buy the fenceless fence ( radio transmitter that give the dog a wee shock when it strays too close to the boundry) but on further googling it may be a bad thing as the dog when it receives the shock accosiates it with whatever is on its mind at that instant, not nessasarlily escaping the garden. I can see me having to chase Sheenas dog Gus around the village, which will be great excersise no doubt but maybe not great for Anglo Irish relationships if I'm swearing a lot.

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