Wednesday, September 29, 2010

nice day

Well its a bonny day so I took a ride on my bike, I have been doing short distances ie up to the shop etc lately but this is the first time I have cycled any distance since I broke my elbow. Was a pefect day for it sunny and mild and calm but my elbow was sore to say the least, I get a lot of pain from it anyway normally its the first conscious thought in the morning and last at night. I am excersising regardless of it if its not healed after 10 months I think this could be best it will get. I put my gym together today, it took four of us in Sydney, well actually it took Paddy, Blake and I and a customer who popped in and stayed but today was much easier, fewer people to trip over for starters helped. Below is a view from the pier in Oughterard that I cycled to

My next door neighbour is taking his boat out of the water this afternoon as the fishing season is over for another year, it would be great having a wee boat for the loch but I'm kinda saving for the motor sailer yacht at the moment, when I say kinda thats because I'm not actually earning anything yet lol, my next thing after the car gets registered is to have some cards printed out and put some notices up around the place and maybe do a letter drop. I have registered a business name  "Robbo's" and suppose I should have a website sooner rather than later. Anyway I'm off to start on that web site lol instead of talking to myself on here. Ohh I got the windows xp pc up and running so am only one down at present.

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