Thursday, September 2, 2010

Owenriff towers

Well an exciting day here, O'Reilly the builder is coming to install an extractor fan, I'm so hopeing it doesnt need a rolled steel joist, ok thats a subtle reference to the Fawlty Towers episode "The Builders" just so your all on the same wavelength as me so to speak to be sure. He was meant to be here at 0830 but thats Irish time so it could even be tomorrow or he might not even bother. Also today at some point the UPC telly mob are coming to install the tv, you cant get a picture here with a normal arial, hey I shouldnt have to pay a licence ehh if theres no reception in the place? They may arrive on Saturday. The UPC tv isnt as good as Sky TV but Angie signed up for a yr with them and theres a E100 penalty if we change so I guess its UPC4ME I'm aiming not to watch as much tv here anyway and do more hobbies etc instead.

Its another dry bonny day here I havent a clue whats happened to the weather, here was me buying wellies and oilskins and it turns out Ireland has the climate of the Algarve to be sure, ok I'm pushing it a wee bit and its bound to rain now ehh lol. Ok where did I leave Stubbs's telephone number?

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