Wednesday, September 8, 2010

football and feeding birds

Well my mosaic football is looking a wee bit like a lorikeet ? Theres more to making a mosaic than  I thought lol I was under the impression that if the Greeks could do it then it should be a dawddle. Bit like the Irish win over Andorra at the football, Scotland played as normal , hadnt a shot on goal for the first 45 mins before they went one down to Liechtenstein sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeze, ranked 100 places below Scotland at 141 in the FIFA standings and with a population of 36,000 less than the 37,000 crowd inside Hampden, they threw everybody behind the ball in a bid to protect their lead.

I bought a bird feeder about a week ago and the wee birds have just discovered it and theres a fight on for territory

We stopped for lunch at a wee place called Moycoulin, which is on the road from Galway to here, the other day and they had videos for hire and old ones for sale,  2 for 5 Euro, so not having a tv reception we bought 4 to watch over the weekend, the first one we tried was in French with subtitles and called Legacy, the speel on the dvd didnt mention it was French and said " An intruiguing Thriller in true Hitchcockian manner" I didnt realise they meant Hamish Hitchcock from Dunblane, who is famous for his directing of the 1935 sheep dog trials. Out of ten this movie scored minus 5.
 The second movie called "Limits of Control" was "Jarmusch's latest is a star strewn Antonioni- Esque Bond Movie... Dazzling" NOT, Bond is a bandy black dude with one facial expression, he goes through the whole movie as if he has just stepped in dog doo, this movie scores minus 25.
John, enjoyed one called "Tenderness" with Russel Crowe but I've watched it twice now and still dont know what its about. It scores 2 out of 10.
The last one was called "Thick as Thieves" with Morgan Freeman and Antonio Banderas it wasnt much chop either to be honest I give it 4 out of ten. So all in all the 10 Euro investment in entertainment was well worth it as I got something bloggable from them. All four are going to the Charity shop this morning.

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