Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Credit union

Well I joined a credit union today in the village here, they are a bit different to Aussie ones as they dont give you a check book or bank card or anything? I thought I'd do as I did in Australia and run my business through it, but that may be harder than I thought. The Irish credit union movement was founded as a result of the efforts of three dynamic, pioneering and entrepreneurial people. In Dublin in the 1950's, they witnessed the effects of high unemployment: sickness, malnutrition, money-lending, hunger, poor clothing, poor housing, and inevitably, emigration of one parent or of the whole family. In addition, state unemployment benefits were low and did not last indefinitely leaving many families in abject poverty. The founders recognised the root of the problem as lying in the scare availability and poor management of money and resolved to identify a system that would allow people to gain more control over their finances.

I am having a bash at mosaics and have started doing one of a Lorikeet theres a bit of a knack to it and at the moment my lorikeet looks like a multi coloured football. My first attempt was of a Galway hooker and is drying at the moment it also looks a bit like a football. I may try doing a multi coloured football next.

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