Saturday, September 4, 2010

Owenriff river

Well theres a wee river at the bottom of the garden here, which will no doubt be a raging torrent when this weather breaks, ohh its beautifull again today btw, I followed it a few hundred meters downstream and came to the Oughterard Fishing Club, loads of what I would consider narrow gutted, simulated clinker type. Lots of them are half full of water or worse so I shall make enquiries as to if there are any for sale at a great price, the loch has hundreds of islands on it fresh for the exploreing and I can think of at least one dog that would like to tag along.
I googled fishing on Loch Corrib and "Lough Corrib is one of the best game fisheries in the world and it is a wonderful place to experience what Ireland has to offer both in terms of the game angling and the hospitality of the local people." thats me btw local. All I need is a wee boatie and I'll be a local fishing guide, lol the fact that I know hoot all aboot freshwater fishing is irrelavant I have the gift o the gab to be sure. The best wetfly fishing is at the beginning of April, for about two weeks, and again during the Mayfly period, May 16th to 30th. Dapping the natural mayfly is very popular in late May / early June, see I sound real proffesional ehh, wonder what "Dapping" is

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