Friday, September 10, 2010

Well well

Well the broadband internet is installed and working to be sure and the sky tv too, so I'm hot to trot. Well actually I'm hot to sit on my bum watching tv and chatting / blogging. NOT. Actually I've been very good walking every day and dieting, it wont be long till my bike arrives and the home gym too.

Ireland is kinda quaint, in a kinda quaint way, the driving licence here for example is photo of the holder glued to this bit of paper that says this person can drive, my new credit union passbook is a plastic sleeve where they placed a printed reciept of the 50 Euros I used to open it, and the doctors perscription is a bit of paper handwritten with the drugs required and a stamp for the surgery which could be forged using a potatoe, of which there are a few here. On the other hand to enter a bank you need to enter through two successive doors with entry buttons where they check you out, xray you and measure you up and enter you into the database of people who have visited a bank in Ireland, then when you get in and try to open an account its like trying to skin an apple using a spade.

I've been warned by two people now "dont tell the Irish too much cos one in four will take a lend of you and use the info against you" I havent a clue what info I was going to divulge that they could use agin me but hey thanks for the information, ohh and my last tax return was a total fabrication. Probably one in four is quite a good average too.

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