Monday, September 20, 2010

Time Flies

Well thats another weeked over, this week hopefully will see the Subaru and the house contents here. Its going to be a big job unpacking things and getting everything set up with new plugs but it will be really comfy in here after its done. I hope Angie's Brother John pops up again but if he has work on I shall have to manage, I might ask my neighbour if hes not doing anything and I need a lift. Hes just moved from Cairns in Queensland and I am letting him use my internet for free (because I;m a really excelent neighbour and he was having to drive to Galway to get his emails etc) he seems like a nice bloke and hopefully they will put the phone on in his house as he is thinking of renting elsewhere if they dont.

The leaves are starting to turn colour now and it wont be long untill the nights draw in and winter is here, it will be about 12 years since I was outside Australia for winter so in some ways I'm kinda looking forward to it. Summer of 2010 was by no means a scorcher but we did have periods of good and bad weather. The month of June was mainly warm dry and sunny especially in the West of the country. July turned out to be by far the wettest month of the Summer touching record wetness in some places and August brought a return of sunshine but not as warm as June, though the Northern half of the country had a lot more rain than those in the South. I hope to have a yacht by June next year and will have summer holidays afloat in June, so all things going to plan I'll aquire a boat around March and get used to her during April and May before sailing around the West coast of Ireland and up the West of Scotland. It will be about 270 mls to Oban from Galway

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