Monday, September 27, 2010

All moved

Well everything is moved in and it feels like home I cant believe how much stuff we own, this is a 6 bed house, huge, and we have filled it. Russel comes on a week Friday with number 1 dog and John and I finished off making a fence to keep him in.
The hall

Sitting room

Sitting room


                                                                              Dining room

It has been dry this weekend and I just finished mowing the lawn, you never know when the next chance will be not like Sydney where most days are gardening days. My two computers didnt fair well in the move and neither will boot, I think the vista pc's Mother board has blown and the graphics card on the win xp pc is also cactus. I have to make a deal with a computer company in Galway for my spares etc so hope to secure a 10% discount from them as my prefered supplier. 10% off a new pc will be first transaction and the computers that came from Australia can be spare parts.

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