Sunday, September 19, 2010

I have made a wee lean to to keep the bikes and lawnmower dry, its only a tarp so not sure if it will survive any gales but its a wee bit shelter, this huge house has no garage and the storage is down in the basement, if it was mine I'd put up a garden shed. There is a fenced off part for the bins and fuel tank so I've put the tarp over that.

In Chile, rescuers say they've completed the drilling of the first part of a shaft which will be used to bring the men trapped in the collapsed mine back to the surface.

The 12 inch wide hole has reached the cavern where the men are trapped.
A larger drill bit will now be used to make the shaft wide enough to pull the men to safety.
A special meal is being sent down to the miners so they can celebrate Chile's bicentenary, but the authorities say they will not be allowed to have the red wine which traditionally accompanies the feast. Probably incase they try climbing up the 12 inch hole.

Pope Benedict XVI is in Britain for the first time in 28 years he apologised for the "unspeakable crimes" committed by Catholic priests who sexually abused children in a speech at Westminster Cathedral, next move would be not to hide the offenders. On a lighter note did you know he was named for the patron saint of putting hollandaise on poached eggs. Blinkin heck I forgot where I was for a second maybe its wise not to do pope jokes Rob.

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