Friday, October 1, 2010

dry weather

Well its dry again today and guess what my neighbour is doing? yep you didnt need three guesses hes out there with his power washer again, amazing, but hey the concrete needs watering to be sure, or it may ehhh dry out or something.

Heres my latest mosaic project to date, it hasnt been grouted yet and I'll probably use a black coloured grout, I have a bit of a dilema I cant source the nice glass tiles in Ireland so have to have them posted from the UK which proves costly. Ohh I'm calling this one "butterfly" even though it looks like a deflated multicoloured football. What I might do is have them mailed to my Mom or Barney and they could take them across in their luggage.

 European Union Monetary Affairs Commissioner Olli Rehn said Ireland took “very important decisions last night". The commission welcomes the announcement of the Irish government aiming at reinforcing the capital position of the banking sector little does he know that any measures that were announced could take months or years to introduce as this is Ireland, I had to postpone my car registration exam again today as the letter from the VRO never arrived again, they were adamant it would be here by last Wednesday "RIGHTY, wink wink hes Scottish so guliable hey lets send it to Abain Rudbh or Waterford for the crack"

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