Sunday, November 13, 2011

Will Super Mario rule Italy

I so hope Super Mario gets the Italian top job, now old Berlo is retiring, Why? well Mario is the man when it comes to ducking, diving, running and dodging and thats exactly what Italy needs in the current European Crisis ehh a ducker.

I cleared a wee bit around the wind vane which is now visible from the house it has a salmon on the end that catches the wind which is nice considering this was a fishing lodge origionally.

I also ripped out some ornamental grass that had gone crazy at the bottom of the steps down from the patio, its roots were holding water there and keeping the ground really wet, its a nice grass but I will keep it away from that area and maybe either put a few pavers or returf that spot. It was a lovely day today and this afternoon there is a Mackerel sky it is an indicator of moisture (the cloud) and instability (the cirrus-cumulus form) at intermediate levels (2400–6100 m, 8000-20,000 ft). If the lower atmosphere is stable and no moist air moves in, the weather will most likely remain dry. Mackerel skies are spoken of in the popular bywords, "Mackerel in the sky, three days dry," "Mackerel sky, mackerel sky. Never long wet and never long dry," and the nautical weather rhyme, "Mare's tails and mackerel scales / Make tall ships carry low sails." The phrase 'mackerel sky' came from the fact that it looks similar to the markings of an adult king mackerel.

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