Monday, November 7, 2011

Another lovely day

Well it has been another sunny mild day, spent today clearing round my garden shed and doing more burning off. We rented a couple of movies and have just watched the first one it was called "Lies and Illusions" and starred Christian Slater, it wont be nominated for any Oscar infact if there was an award for absolute rubbish it would do well, maybe call the award the Racso Award thats Oscar backwards or it could mean "Really Awful Calimeriferous Sewage Outfall" I suppose. I'm hopeing the second one "The Adjustment Bureau" will be better it stars Matt Damion and is toasted as "Bourne meets Inception" and it contains a discreet sex scene? not sure what one of those is.

Its a clear night again and the stars are amazing here, no backlights from houses or street lamps, the Southern sky has more stars but here in the North we have a star that sits above the Pole and has a cracking pointer that is easy to see in the night sky, when its clear. Jupiter is the brightest planet visible just now and Capella, Aldeberan, Altair and Vega are easy picked out.

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