Thursday, November 24, 2011

Ta se te fuar agus fliuch

Its cold and wet outside this afternoon and yet watching the trees bend in the gale and the sheets of rain blanket the bog and mountains behind is bonny in its own way, especially if you are reversed up to a blazing log fire and admiring it through double glazing as I am lol. The dogs and I had a walk through Rosscahill woods today for the first time in months, I went across that way to book them into a kennel next month, it doesn't have a website and needs one badly and I think I have talked them into investing in one this next year.

I happened to watch Hugh Grant in his most recent performance at the Leveson Enquiry and really I'm not impressed, his net worth of 80 million quid is mostly wages from movies he has stared in and to get to that worth in that particular field of work in my opinion you cant expect the public and the newspapers not to be interested in every part of your life. I dont like or respect the Paparazzi but they exist because there is a demand for their gunk. Do we really care if he gets caught with a prostitute or fathers a bairn out of wedlock? Well I dont, but if paper sales are anything to go on a lot of folks do.

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