Tuesday, November 29, 2011

River burst its banks

Well we had torrential rain again last night and my gutters were overflowing, I will have to check that the downpipe is clear. The drains we cleared were at full capacity this morning and the overflow from the lily pond was unable to keep up so the pond was really full. It will have had a good flush out with all this rain anyway. Gus and Jessy had a swim again in their own personal pool and I cut down a couple of small trees that will go to making another couple of benches. There was a power cut but everything was back on this morning. I was recording a film but will have to do it again and knowing the tv it wont be long till its replayed.

This is the "tunnel" created by clearing small saplings and scrub it leads down towards the ponds at the bottom of the garden, I would like to put a wee summer house on the flat area there.

Burst river banks on the Costello river.

Looking back to the house from the "tunnel"

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