Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Draining and a swamp monster

Well I didnt get any guisers this year :( but the good thing is there are loads of sweeties left lol, I suppose people dont know we are here yet as the house is well screened from the road, actually it would be blinkin scary walking down to the house through the tree lined drive with boughs creaking, owls hooting, things scurrying surreptiously away and the axe man waiting silently in the shadows.

We cleaned out most of the drains at the top end of the garden today, took a good few hours and was muddy, wet and smelly work which Gus just loved, he went from being a black and white collie dog to a brown stinking swamp monster who had to be put under the hose and then swum in the ocean to get him clean at the end of the day.

Tomorrow I have a visit with a new GP and it looks like it is going to be windy and wet again, today was lovely and sunny and about 13C. The Low Pressure that gave New York its snow late last week has crossed the Atlantic with the promise of Gales and rain, hopefully we may have better days on Thursday and Friday and my drains will get a good clean out. I'm tempted to make French drains out of some of them and cover them over.

The Department of Finance has confirmed that Ireland's debt is €3.6bn lower than previously thought due to an accounting error. I regularilly mislay cash then find it down the track in washed jean pockets or raincoats that havent been worn for a few weeks but the bn stands for Billions thats a lot to go missing ehh lol.

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Bee said...

I love the feeling of finding forgotten cash in a coat pocket. Imagine how happy the government are now lol.

I'm really enjoying the updates on the house and the work you are doing there - best of luck to you :)