Saturday, November 19, 2011

garden shredder

I have a new toy, Flymo garden shredder, it will get some workout here to be sure. My strimmer and chainsaw dont know what has hit them. We cleared another pathway today, it leads into this walled garden about halfway down the garden and looks really mysterious from the patio. Tomorrow I shall cut down some small trees in there that have suffered from lack of light and open the place up a bit.
It was a better day today although we had a shower this afternoon that had us stop early.

The government is to increase the top level of VAT by 2 %, in the photo above maybe the Tanaiste Eamon Gilmore is looking for it up a nostril. We have a Taoiseach here (Irish Prime Minister) who btw gets paid more than the Americain President and a Tanaiste (The Taoiseach nominates a member of the government to the position of Tánaiste and is appointed by the President. The Tánaiste acts in the place of the Taoiseach during his or her temporary absence, and, until a successor has been appointed) Taoiseach is pronounced teeshack and Tanaiste is pronounced tonashea. They need to get rid of half the pollies here rather than up VAT I recon.

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