Friday, November 25, 2011

The Atlantic Fiji

Sometimes Ireland reminds me of Fiji, the climate is different, there arent the palm trees and skin tone is a bit dilluted but the same, carefree? is that the word I'm looking for? "manana to be sure" attitude exists. I just missed the Post Office, not cos its past closing time, just the place was closed, ochh well it will probably be open tomorrow. It was dry this morning but the wind and rain are back again so I have reversed up to the log fire in a pose reminiscent of Garfield the cat while I ponder todays blog and life in general.

There are plans afoot to have a quick visit to Scotland and the departation date changes daily but it could be as early as next Wednesday. I have put my tree up early :) because I shall be away and also as I love the look Angie gives me when I do anything remotely Christmasy, I couldnt resist buying her a wee present the other day, its a hat, a bit like the one Father Christmas wears, but this one isnt red its black and instead of having Happy Christmas written on it, it has Bah Humbug.

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