Monday, November 21, 2011

Day Off

Well I had a gardening free day today, apart from stacking some firewood. John headed off back down to Waterford after his 6 day stint here.

Spaniards reeling from an economic crisis are voting in an election expected to throw out the ruling Socialists and elect another Mario *reference Super Mario from a previous post or two* this one is Mariano Rajoy. One in five Spanish workers are without a job. I have a plan, extended and interlinked siesta periods, let people have two hour siesta periods, taken, between 1000 and 1400 then employ the fifth currently unemployed person to fill in the siestas giving them four hours and a two hour siesta themselves. I should have been a polli so I should. 100% employment and elevated pillow sales.

Its meant to be wet tomorrow so I shall be sanding ceiling cracks and painting them and may start a landscape painting. High tide is around 1300 tomorrow so I shall plan my shopping expedition with a dog swim around that. The house needs a good clean too as I let it go this last week with all the outdoor work I was doing.

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