Sunday, November 6, 2011

Things you can do with a 25 gallon drum

Cut the top of it and a few holes make it a good brazier, I have been burning twigs and small branches as I clear them and have a whole load for tomorrow again. Fireworks are illegal in Ireland and Bonfire night isnt done here. There are however some other celebrations Following the revels of Hallowe’en, the ancient Irish celebrated the festival of the dead - Samhain, which is pronounced sow-en, and is usually translated as “summer’s end.”

In Celtic lore, the year is divided into two halves associated with the dark and the light. The dark half begins at sunset on November 1st with Samhain and the cycle ends when the light half begins at sunset on May 1st, which is the festival of Bealtaine. Both festivals are closely linked, but in general, Samhain is considered to be the most important.

In the old days, extensive preparations were made for the sharing of a communal feast that included the dearly departed as guests of honor. To enable them to come and go freely, all doors and windows were left unlatched; a special cake was made exclusively for their consumption, and a certain amount of other food was set aside just for them. This had to be left untouched by any mortal hand for the duration of the ritual period. Eating the food of the dead was considered to be a major sacrilege and it condemned the perpetrator to becoming a hungry spirit after death, forever banned from sharing in the Samhain feast.

The weather has been great this last two days which will hopefully let the waterlogged grass get a chance to dry out a bit. I got a trailer load of peat for 40 euro which will hopefully do me a few months and have covered it up with a tarp. I have a peat shed across the road but it is full of junk so I shall just work out of the trailer until the shed is cleared. I'd like to store my bikes in it too down the track.

Just had a keek outside and its bright with a three quarter moon and stars I shall have to get my telescope out

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