Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pond cleaning

Well I cleaned out my pond today, actually about 15 square foot of it and the pond is about 65ft by 90 ft so its a work in progress. There was a grass growing on the surface its roots went the 3 ft down to the pond floor where they were loving an ozzy decayed mush of leaves and mud, my 15 sqft contained about a ton of roots and gunk. Thankfully only about a third of the pond has this grass most of the rest is lillies. Geoffrey next door was telling me come May the ponds are filled with frog spawn and you would imagine a lot of frog eating birds will drop by during the summer. His pond has eels in it so probably mine will too. The wee boat they left (12 ft aluminium runnabout) is handy for this job and I shall give it a paint and it will do as a yacht tender this coming year, the oars are jiggered but I shall get some before then. It will be nice if more of the pond surface is open water as the light / moon will reflect off it at night and it also looks better with reflections etc.

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