Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Run through a bog

Well I took Gus and Jessy up to a lochan for a swim and Jessy took off after some sheep she didnt bite any but was rounding them up and wouldnt come back to me I got more and more mad ( and muddy) and she got a severe beating when I eventually caught her, she spent the afternoon in the laundry (sent to Coventery) so from now on she will have to be on the lead. I'm going to invest in a wireless dog fence as I cant have her outside the garden as she will be shot.

On a lighter note John is coming up for a few days to help me garden so it will be nice to have company, if its raining we can do some crack repairs indoors. I was doing a wee painting for my friend Lynne of her wee dog Bella and cat Lilly and that has me in the mood for doing some more paintings, the light here is great and maybe they would make Christmas presents. John makes Christmas decorations so he might get some materials in the garden here.

I should try some Conemmara ponies in a painting.

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