Thursday, November 3, 2011

New DR

Well I went and registered / met a dr local for me here and he seems a nice bloke, he knew the house as he looked after Lord Harrington when he was here. I got bitten by an insect about a week ago, my arm swelled up and the bite didnt heal and same again yesterday so he gave me an antihistamine and also something for a chest infection that has been hanging around so I have an extra  4 tablets to take every day lol. Today is dreich so I'm having a garden free day and am just about to fill some cracks on a ceiling here.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday look nice on the forecast so I am hoping to have some help and get some more anti brambling anti fuchsiaing done "fuchsiaing" sounds really Chineese ehh but It is named after German botanist Leonhard Fuchs! The flowers were named by Charles Plumier when he found them on the Caribbean island Hispaniola in 1696. He named them after his idol Fuchs, who was one of the founding fathers of botany. They have gone wild in my garden and are 7 foot tall and cover about a 60 meter square area in one part, I am chopping them down apart for 3 bunches of about 3 ft which I shall leave as bushes. I have found that the hedge trimmer attachment on my strimmer works better for clearing brambles than the strimmer attachment but my elbow gets a bit sore if I use it for extended periods.

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