Monday, November 28, 2011

I'm no chippy

Well I had a night out with Mark last night was great and we got back here at about 0200, started off with a Chineese feed at An CheathrĂș Rua with Angie ( it was supprisingly good) she then left us to get back to the couch, An Cheathru Rua is within the Irish-speaking region (Gaeltacht) of Connemara, and is famous for its traditional fishing boats known as Galway Hookers I had offers of Irish lessons when I was talking in what Scottish Gaelic I know ( very little) and had my pic taken with a 7 ft dishy blonde about half my age, no doubt it will be on her facebook page under the heading " I met Shrek" or summat.

I'm no Chippy but have made a rustic bench seat for the garden, I aim to make them for all over the place and this was my first attempt, I have still to sand the seat and paint it brown and maybe take an inch off the legs length but am happy with the outcome, my next one will have a back to it.

Angie is off in Wales till Wednesday then I am going to drive across to Luing to see my parents and hopefully get an old Imac computer up and going for Dad as his PC is getting weary.

I just got a Terrabyte external hard drive to record the TV and had to go online to the set top box manufacturers website in order to get it configuired to work which took a wee while but it is up and running so thats good, they gave me a free solar powered light with a motion sensor which I shall install in my shed as it has no electricity down there and it is very dark inside. Mark helped me tidy it up inside yesterday as it was a bit wet for gardening, infact we had sheeting rain and heavy winds yesterday and last night which made the pub crawl a case of two pubs.

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