Friday, December 3, 2010

turnip wins

Well the whinge is on, all i got on the news yesterday afternoon and today was what had England done wrong, to only get 2 votes out of 22. I had the strangest lunch probably to celebrate Russia winning the bid I had some cabbage left from last night and I fried it up and made an omelette lol it tasted good but then again i was starving.

I spoke with my wee brother Colin last night for the first time in ages, i am so slack sometimes, but I have also been chatting with my cousin Hugh and my wee sis has probably heard from me more recently than ever before so maybe moving here was a good thing for that. I’m hoping Marianne and her kids will get across soon to visit us.

There has been a wee bit rain here which has melted some ice and made other parts ultra treacherous and the sun is back out so it may well freeze again tonight.

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