Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mountain hike

Well we walked 4 miles through the new village forest today up to Loch Seecon at 150 meters when we arrived in Ireland I would have really struggled doing this walk uphill but actually today I was suprissed to see how far we had gone on the gps.
When we got to the loch at the top I don’t know what I was thinking about as I threw Gus’s ball out onto the frozen loch and the ball kept bouncing and bouncing and going and going until it was about 100 meters off the shore and the dog bounced and bounced out after it, I had visions of him breaking the ice and not being able to get back on it so it was fingers crossed, the ice held and I could breathe again.
Here are some photos from around Ireland with the snow.


Just had scallops in a white wine/ cheese velvet sauce with asparagus fried in garlic butter as a starter was yummy we are trying to perfect a starter for Christmas dinner. Angie works with a bloke whos brother has a scallop dredger and she can get a dozen large scallops for 8 euros we ate 6 for our starter, last week we had cherry tommatoes with the dish and they were lovely too so I think the finished dish has scallops, white bitey cheese/ wine sauce and fried asparagus with cherry toms served on the shells. Ohh drat I just drooled on the keyboard again.

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